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Many business that are considered ‘old-world’ such as carpenters, plumbers, tree surgeons as oppossed to businesses that make money online are probably the last busineses that would think of spending money setting up their own websites, on-line marketing and marketing in general.

In times past it was enough to get business from word of mouth, friends and family or a little advert in the local paper.

Those days are long gone thanks to the internet and Google in particular. 

An example in point is EZ Trees Tree Surgeons in Cardiff They set up business in the Autumn of 2015. They made sure that they offered the best business customer service from the outset. The problem was when it came to their advertising tactics. 

The plan was to pay directories for advertising, do leaflet drops and advertise on other websites as well as paying for Google Adwords (Pay per click advertising which is at the top and bottom of a search page).

This proved to be very expensive, never ending and not very effective when it comes to a return on investment. They approached a marketing expert for help who within the first meeting identified that it would be within their best interests to invest in their own website and use search engine optimization to help it get found in Google.

Although the initial costs may seem alot to pay out, the long term results will prove to be worth it. Yes, it will cost £600 to get a simple site made up, and then to pay £400 per month for the next year to an SEO company to get it to the forst page of Google to get traffic flowing to the site. Once this is complete though it will only require routine top-ups to maintain the site and site strength but will save a fortune on paid advertising that never ends.




How Can Online Marketing Expand Your Business?

If you are looking to expand your business, there are two positive ways. The first one is to establish your branches at different locations. You can handle the same with the concept of franchisee, but that will even be a matter of huge investment. So, it is better to go for the second one, where the investment volume is not even half of the first one. Go for the online investment projects. You can get a great deal of support for your business expansion and at the same time, you can save your budget. This article will show you, how you can save your budget and how you can expand your business online.

Expand Your Reach

The first objective of your business is to spread the word of your business. More your business name and profile is spread, ore is the chance to get customers. You can get the customer support for your business, just by using the Digital marketing. This will, within few days, will spread the business of yours and your products, not only across the national domain, but in the international market too. Social media, your contents and your website will do the needful, and at the initial stage take the help of the listing sites. They will provide you the traffic. Invest on the SEO experts and expand the domain worldwide, after that. This will help you get you a better support.

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Easy Marketing

Marketing for your shop is not at all easy. You will have to invest big amounts for the ad materials and also executives for direct sales. There is no need of all those, when you get in touch with the SEO experts. All the marketing task for your website will be taken care by them. Once your website gets popular, your traffic amount will be much more. Proper listing of products and services in the site will give you such a support, where you will need no help of the executives and ad materials.

Save Your Budget

Now you are clear about the online business development. You might have also identified some of the areas, where you are going to save your budget. To be very precise, you will save your budget in cutting short the salaries of the direct employees, who will be doing the marketing for you, the ad materials, who will be doing the advertisement of yours and also the setup costs, you will have to incur for the branch set up. If you find a cost analysis of both the aspects, you will find that the cost you are incurring is just the half of that of the previous one.

Online Marketing

Thus go for the marketing solution online and expand your business through the online marketing support. This is the trend of the new age and accept that to progress with your business. It is always better to opt for the new developments, since they are always meant to cut short your expenses and expand your business to a global level. Why to find a limit for yourself with just few locations? Open it up and see what you will get.

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